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issyadore in hp_britglish

Hi guys. I would really appreciate some info on British terms for underclothes, specifically for females. I know it's knickers and not panties, but are there other synonyms I could use?

and what about the word bra? is that correct?

Thanks in advance!


Bra is correct but I don't know of any other word for knickers. Oh and we wear tights here, not stockings or whatever it is Americans call them.
Ahh perfect. Thank you so much.
We call them pantyhose.
Is that the type that has both legs joined together? Do you have a different word for the type that has them seperately? If that makes any sense ^^;;
I think they're called the same thing... However, my only real experience with them is my mom wearing them while I was growing up. I've never worn them myself, so I'm not by any means an expert. ^_^;;
You've never worn tights?! How on earth do you survive without them? I'm addicted to the highest denier black tights, keep your legs warm all through winter and make you look skinny all at the same time!
Well, I don't wear women's clothes. The few times I have worn skirts or dresses, I just went bare-legged. Oh, I suppose I did wear tights a few times as a child, too (and those we do call tights, like the thick white ones little girls wear with dresses).
Ah, that makes lots of sense then. I think i am actually oddly reliant on tights, mainly because I like wearing skirts but its such a hassle having to remember to shave your legs.

So sometimes tights are tights! haha interesting.
Tights are the ones that are joined together at the top.

Stockings are the ones which stop half way up your thigh and are a bit kinky-like :D
Joined at the leg - "tights"

Seperate and attached to a belt = "stockings"

Seperate and self supporting = "Hold-ups" (never work on my gorgeous ample thighs"

Up to the knee "knee-highs", "pop-socks" (less common as a name these days) or "trouser socks" (I think this one came and went a few years ago.

Underwear is either "knickers" or "pants"

Different types of knickers - Thongs, high legs, low-cut, control (ha!), french, oh, lots more I've forgotten.

Pants for knickers. I can't think of any slangy ones really. My aunt used to call them knick-knicks which did my head it.
ahahaha knick-knicks. so unsexy. shan't be using that one.
Not to be confused with Knick Knacks!
ahahaha that's something Arthur Weasley would do!
There's also undies - but that's generally used to cover whatever emsemble is being worn beneath one's outer clothes.
Cool, thanks for replying.


Hmm, when you're buying them they're called 'briefs', but that's the only time they are called that in my experience. Odd.

Pants cover all types of lower half underwear whether they be briefs, tongs, french knickers, cami kinckers, hipsters, shorts etc. etc.

We do use knickers as well but that's slightly more slangy than pants, and 'smalls' is rather old-fashioned (something your grandmother would use), undies refers to all underwear (so vests, bras etc) as well, but in context could be used just to mean pants. There are also regional dialect words, but probably best not to venture into those.

Bra is correct. I can't think of any other terms we use for that garment.
That should be thongs in the first line, not tongs (ouch!)
Great, thank you so much for replying!