orphica (orphica) wrote in hp_britglish,

Punctuation Question

One thing I've noticed from reading a good bit of HP fan fic (though perhaps all by American authors) is that even those who 'try' to use British English spelling and language/terms, they still punctuate their stories in the American way. I was looking at this website and I realized that I can't remember seeing any fan fic punctuated in this way. I read UK editions of the novels and it was where I first noticed these differences.

Considering I can't recall seeing a fan fic British English punctuated, is this punctuation not used on the internet? (Surely it is not out of date if books are still published with this punctuation, and I'm sure I've read some fics written by British authors) If anyone could point me to some fics they know are punctuated this way, that'd be great!

I suppose the most important question is, if someone from the UK were to read a fic that was punctuated in the American way, but otherwise was pretty flawlessly careful to ensure that no Americanisms or spelling crept in, would you consider this to be an incomplete attempt at 'writing British' or does it not matter?
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