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Jul. 31st, 2013


Social Housing/Registered Social Landlords

You have all been so very helpful, I'm back with another question for you all.  It's not a British English question, I hope that's okay.  From what I've been reading up, low or moderate income housing in the UK is either called "council housing" or "social housing."  Social housing is the more recent of the two terms, I believe.  The building I've set as a major location in my fic is a real building, and I'm trying to stay as accurate as my plot will allow.  It is an apartment building which was built after a hotel and shopping arcade on that site burned (sorry, burnt) down.  The building houses a library and sheltered housing flats.  I understand what sheltered housing is--we'd call it assisted living--but that doesn't work at all for my plot as my character is 22 and healthy.  He's also dead flat broke, so I was going to change that to housing for low income tenants.  The character is employed, but he makes very little money.  He is single and has no children.  Without help, he would've been left homeless.  Would that be realistic?  What would the proper term for that be?  Social housing?  Registered Social Landlord?  The hotel and arcade were Victorian era, and there are plaques on the building stating that the hotel and arcade previously stood on that site.  In a very interesting bit of trivia (although this is from Wikipedia, and I haven't been able to verify it elsewhere), the dedication of the new building was actually the last public engagement performed by Charles and Diana, as the Prince and Princess of Wales in 1992.  I would *absolutely LOVE* to work that in if I could.  I haven't been able to find any particular importance to the hotel that burnt down, and I'm sure there must be any number of sheltered housing buildings around England.  I have no idea what would be so important about this particular building to merit a dedication by royalty.  Was sheltered housing a particular charitable interest of either of theirs?  I know the royals all have several charitable interests they support.

Thanks in advance!

Oct. 6th, 2010

harry potter 3, snapefist


ADMIN: Off-topic posts.

There've been a few lately; the ones that I've seen or have been brought to my attention have been deleted in accordance with the community rules on off-topic posts.

Question for interested members: Should I post a regular notice about the off-topic rules, akin to the monthly FAQ postings many mailing lists have? Or is that overkill?

As always, you can reach me via lj messages with any concerns or questions about the community. If I haven't responded to a problem on the community within a few hours, please do drop me a line -- my RL is quite busy these days and I miss things, but I always read my email and will see that.

Eta: thanks, folks! In my copious spare time (read: probably this weekend) I'll make a sticky post, and see if that helps. :)

Feb. 8th, 2010

harry potter


ADMIN: off-topic. AGAIN.

Look, seriously. THE COMMUNITY INFO says that if you aren't doing this for HP fandom, just quietly fail to mention that in your post and the mods will never know, since we are not psychic, nor do we track everyone down and make sure that they are writing HP fanfic with the info they gathered here.

It's not that hard. Just a teeny lie of omission. Why you gotta hurt me like that?

That said, are there any similar communities that folks here would like added to the community info page, to help folks looking for them? I'm going to add britpickery and little_details; already have dw_britglish there.

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