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FF- SW Mal/Inara

mugglegirl0908 in hp_britglish


Ok, just a quick one this time...

What would someone in modern day Britain refer to a women's dress shirt as? Is "blouse" correct or just "dress shirt"? I'm thinking here of a collared, button-down shirt. Like a women's version of an Oxford shirt.

Thanks in advance! :-)


Ok, that makes sense. Thanks! :-)
It would be a blouse. If it's a shirt for chool and designed to wear a tie with it, it's a shirt. :)
Ok, thanks for the clarification! :-)
I wore blouses at school for 14 years and always called it a blouse - regional variation? (I'm in Northern Ireland, not England)
I always made adifference between a shirt - ir something you could wear a tie with and a blouse - something with a different neckline and you couldn't wear a tie with. A shirt is can be worn by either sex, a blouse is only worn by girls.
Ah, well, I went to an all-girls school and the uniform shirts were a bit girly, so maybe that's it.
A dress shirt is one that is worn with evening dress. It may have a wing collar, or it could have a detachable collar but it wouldn't be a button down shirt.

And whilst it's usual to call ladies stuff blouses and men's stuff shirts, if the item in question is obviously designed to look like a shirt, then you would call it a shirt.

So, I think the answer is you'd call it a button down oxford shirt, not a dress shirt.
I have some distinction between shirts and blouses in my head, but I can't explain it, so I'd call it a fitted shirt (to distinguish from an over shirt.) Yesterday I did refer to simply "my white shirt" and my mother asked if I still had a suitable tshirt to wear it over, obviously assuming I meant an over shirt. But that might be my dress habits rather than a general trend.
Blouse if it's obviously feminine, especially if it's intended to be worn with a skirt. Shirt if it is less feminine and if it resembles a man's shirt, even if it has a fitted shape. Almost certainly a shirt if worn for school or work, especially with a suit. Something with a button-down collar would be a shirt, I would think.
Blouse if it's girlie, shirt if it's not, and never "dress shirt".


to me it would probably depend on the material of it. if it was very similar to a mans shirt in material yet fitted i would call it a shirt, or a fitted shirt. when i think of a blouse i think of a much more silky/flowy type button down top like in a more sheer type of material. if that made sense.

its probably a personal thing. i think you could use both words to describe the same thing and it wouldnt matter either way...
I refer to the shirts I wear as "shirts". They all resemble men's shirts, but are more fitted. Everyone I know calls them shirts, too. A blouse has slightly negative connotations, though, tending to be "old-ladyish" and flowery. To be safe, just call it a shirt, I think.
Blouse is OK. "Dress shirt" I have problems with - what that brings to my mind is what a man would wear with a bow tie with evening dress (tuxedo?)