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isiscolo in hp_britglish


Do you Brits have "Fruit of the Loom" brand over there? If not, can someone suggest an ubiquitous brand of underwear?

And do you use 'underwear' as well as 'pants'? What about 'underpants'?

Oh, the intellectual questions I ask. Um.


Yep, "underwear" is fine, whether ye be referring to just the boxers/briefs/knickers or bra as well.

"underpants" is also used although I think it's seen as more old fashioned and slightly redundant as, unless you're Superman, you're not going to wear your pants outside you're trousers! But that could just be me. :)
While I have a few Fruit of the Loom t-shirts (they're good heavy-duty ones so I've only ever had ones that have been printed on in a strange way by various organisations), I have never in my life heard of Fruit of the Loom underwear.
I can't actually think of a company that would make underwear that wasn't a massive chain store, like a supermarket or Peacocks, on the cheap-stripey-sock haven that is Primark.

I say underwear, pants AND underpants, but the term pants is almost exclusively male. Girls have knickers.

The oceans may dry, the mountains may be ground to powder, the skies may fall, and the Marks & Spencer buyers may go off on appalling frolics about other goods, but one thing remains true:

Everyone, from the Queen downwards (actually, the Queen buys her bras at Rigby and Peller, as do many women with sufficient disposable cash, embonpoint, and a preference for secure cantilevering over sexual allure) buys their underwear from M&S.

The pro-PLO faction demonstrate outside the Manchester M&S every saturday, but doubtless the trade mark "St Michael" would be found on close inspection even of Yasser Arafat's undies (and I will lay serious odds that his headcovering was made in Lancashire and finished in Ayrshire, also; something like 92% of those headthings are).
I think I will decline to closely inspect Yasser Arafat's undies, if it's all the same with you.

If I didn't disapprove of RPF oh with what a plot bunny had you just presented me....
*goes for a search on Rigby and Peller*

*jaw drops*

Good god! I could get a custom-made bra for less than that! A hundred bucks? That's obscene! You weren't kidding when you said "disposable cash."

Things like this make me want to wear underwear made of chainmaile. :/ Costs less, provides more support than any cloth ever could, and makes a trip to the airport that much more exciting.
A fair point. And I quite like the chainmail idea too (some friends of mine registered the trade mark "Kinnell" for chainmail underwear, on the grounds that that was what the young man said when he finally got you that far). But someone like Narcissa Malfoy might easily patronise the wizarding arm of R&P
*dies laughing* And one of Narcissa's RPG writers (moi) does, because unless you're a 32A, the first bra you buy that actually fits you perfectly feels so incredibly better than the stuff you bought before, the 55 quid are just an afterthought.

Still buy a lot of other undies at Marks & Sparks whenever I come to London, though - ever since they closed in Paris. *wail*
I thought my SO was going to cry when they closed all the M&S stores in Canada and he couldn't get his underwear there anymore.
Yes, what they said - Marks and Spencer, also known as Marks and Sparks.
Yet another vote for Marks & Sparks, plus the useful word "undies" :)
M&S as they've all said. Everyone but everyone has at least one pair of undies from M&S in their knicker drawer.

Yes we use underwear (includes top half as well as bottom half) and we also use underpants but not as frequently as pants or undies.