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11 kissing Rory

witchway in hp_britglish


I need as many Britishisms as you can think of for "Normal, everyday."

As in "We write crazy fanfic, but out there the writers are all normal."


"We do crazy magic things, but with muggles it's all normal."



Average, on par, unremarkable.

I'd probably use 'average' with a qualifier, actually

pretty average
fairly average
quite average
kinda average (for your modern teenager)
sort of average, really.
I personally would say "rather ordinary".
I vote for this one.
bog standard.
yes!!!! perfect thank you!
Positive or negative? Ie, do you want "what a relief to get away from all the crazy magic and back to normality" or "what a relief to get away from all the boring normality and back to magic"?

"Common-or-garden" and "bog standard" are more synonyms for "ordinary" than for "normal", (you can say "that's a bog-standard story"- there's nothing special about it- but probably not "the writers are all bog-standard") , I think... "vanilla" isn't specifically Britglish... boring, bland, plain, mundane, simple, run-of-the-mill...
I just want BRITISH. "Common-or-garden" is perfect.
It does need to be attached to a noun, though. You wouldn't say 'Jack is common-or-garden', you'd say 'Jack is a common-or-garden city clerk' or 'Jack harboured dreams of being a superhero, but in reality he was a common-or-garden journalist'.
THAT's what I need to know.

would it work to say "I need to get a common-or-garden job" ? Or more specific, "I'll get a job as a common-or-garden fireman. No magic. Just ladders and water."
Not quite - 'a plain old fireman' might be better, or bog-standard. I think people don't describe themselves as common-or-garden unless they're being self-depreciating - it doesn't quite fit in that sentence.

Typical, ordinary, bog-standard, plain old whatever...
Not quite. Common-or-garden means something which is, in the estimation of an observer, the ordinary default type; 'common or garden mandrake, as opposed to the animated wizardly variety.' It needs that element of external judgement to work.

So you can say 'I thought he was just a common or garden fireman' but not 'I want to be a common or garden fireman', if you see what I mean.
I vote for "rather ordinary" or "bog standard". I've never heard "common-or-garden" before.