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British English Q&A for Harry Potter Fandom

discussing Draco's tea habits since 2003

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Harry Potter British English Info
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Harry Potter and British English
Welcome to the Harry Potter British English LJ. We are here to help Harry Potter fans who are not from the UK to understand English as she is spoken in her homeland, and to provide a bunch of resources for readers and fanwriters alike.

We have a large collection of memories to help you get started.

Off-Topic Posts
We do try to preserve the fiction that this journal is only about Harry Potter.

This means that if you say things like:
  • "I know this post is off-topic, but..."

  • "I am writing a Dr Who story, but..."

  • "I have a homework question about Christmas in England, and..."

or anything of a similar nature, your post WILL be deleted. Please read the ADMIN memories and the off-topic tag if you need more details on this policy, or use livejournal messaging to contact one of the mods.

The mods are not psychic, so if you don't tell them that the secret reason you want to know is "writing a story in another fandom" or "planning to do a year abroad", they will never guess. If lies of omission are beyond you, here are some useful resources:

Please be courteous to other posters in the community, and welcome!

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